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Like everything else you own, water well pumps in your home, building or business require routine maintenance to reduce failure, and to keep them working for longer. While having other possessions like your car repaired and serviced regularly is a no-brainer and instinctive, well pump systems are not as straightforward or obvious. Given that most are hidden behind walls or tucked in a place that is not frequently visited, forgetting they exist is easy.

However, this does not mean that they do not need checkups and servicing every now and then. And, the more aware you are, the better for you as regular maintenance can potentially save you thousands of dollars in replacement in case your well pump systems break down or fail.

A question still lingers: what should I consider before I perform any repairs or servicing on my pump system? A valid question in all measure. Reason being that there are different aspects to consider, and these inform the type of repair and maintenance to undertake. Addressing each aspect individually  increases the lifespan of the pumps in your property or facility, and enhances performance.

If you have a well pump that needs repair or servicing in Spokane, Chattaroy, or anywhere in the area, give us a call!

  • Breakdown maintenance: Also known as run-to-failure maintenance. Often, this is the maintenance type that most people think should warrant repairs, and is mostly the last and only resort to get back your well pump to operation mode. Home owners are especially prone to neglecting their pumps and foregoing repair and servicing until the pumps breakdown. Only remembering to call for water well pump servicing when the system fails completely. The downside is that the repairs and replacements that might result from total failure may end up costing way more than periodic servicing would have cost.
  • Predictive maintenance: Alternatively referred to as condition-based maintenance, this one refers to when certain components of the pumping system have outrun their predetermined wear and tear level. At this point, the worn down equipment can either be repaired or entirely replaced, depending on the condition. The most common components that are subject to this type of servicing are those operating in extreme temperatures, or that are in constant motion and excessive vibration.
  • A preventive maintenance solution to pump repair and servicing, the time-based approach refers to servicing periodically, at predetermined intervals. This is the most preferred servicing approach for components that are not continuously laboring in the water well pumping system. It is functional, efficient and cost effective, provided a schedule is properly followed.
  • Another prevention maintenance approach is the pro-active prevention maintenance. Other than inspecting the crucial gear of your water well pumping system, it employs advanced fitting and servicing techniques that help reduce the occurrence of problems and failures in future. The thoroughness required while following this approach is time-consuming. However, the fact that it requires the plumber or pump specialist to be immensely knowledgeable about pumping systems is a guarantee of great workmanship and a longer functional life of the pump system.
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The point is, repairing and servicing your wells pump system should be a regular routine. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that pumps run efficiently and water is pumped regularly or as needed, down time is reduced, and equipment costs are cut down by extending equipment life.

That said, accurately determining the source of failure in your pumping system can be a daunting task. Sometimes it requires wholly testing it before identifying the problem and commencing repair. The bottom line: you need to pinpoint the problem or you will just be treating the symptom and neglecting the underlying cause.

In light of the above, despite the temptation to do it yourself, the best way to go about water well pump repair or servicing is by engaging a professional. You will end up saving time and money.

The benefits of contracting a pump system professional include:

  • Technical know-how: A professional water well pump system specialist knows what to look out for and where the problem might be from the onset. Even though they might need to run some tests themselves, they have a better understanding of the system and can do it better. Water pumps are essential in any household, property, or industry that relies on water supply from a well and the faster they are working again, the better for you.


  • Better equipped: Having the proper tools is essential when it comes to repairs and servicing. By engaging a professional, you are assured that they will be adequately equipped to solve your predicaments and get your pumps running again. On the other hand, if you were to try and service or repair your pumps yourself, there is a high likelihood that you will be stranded for lack of appropriate tools. Other than that, self-servicing might lead to further damage, more complication, longer down time, and eventually, higher repair costs. It is always better to ensure the job is done right from the get go, and the best way is by letting a water well pump professional work for you.


  • Efficiency: Yet another benefit of hiring us for water well pumping system repairs and servicing is efficiency. Having trained to correct similar predicaments like you might be facing, a professional is better placed to undertake and complete the task efficiently. As a bonus, there might be lurking problems that might not be recognizable by you but that would stand out to a professional. In that case, they can advise you better on whether to replace some equipment or simply repair/service.


  • Permits: Depending on the kind of repairs, servicing, or well pump system replacements you might require, are you aware whether you need any permit and if so, which permit do you need and how do you acquire it? Those are questions you do not need to worry about, but only if you engage a professional pump specialist. As a specialist, we are aware of the fine details, state laws, and other regulations that should be adhered to before commencing service or repair works.

It is only logical and makes more financial sense that consulting a professional is the best way to end your problems. Often, the signs of potential failure of water well pump systems are there but for an amateur or non-professional, they are hard to spot.

Pride Pump has the requisite expertise to keep your equipment in the best running conditions. It also helps that upon repair or service, they give you a guideline and work with you so you understand the signs to look out for and when to contact them.

Ultimately, awareness and having the right professional on speed dial is essential for maintaining the integrity of your well pump system and to keep your water pumped effectively.